20th annual essay contest

For the 20th year, CHARACTER COUNTS! in Glenview is sponsoring a writing contest for students in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. This year, students are asked to write an essay on ONE of two topics. The choices are:

  • Develop an essay about a person who thought of an idea to improve his/her community, country or the world. Reflect upon the role of citizenship in this person’s life and the change(s) he/she made.
  • Develop an essay about responsibility, focusing on your own responsibilities in any area of your life. Which of your responsibilities do you find the hardest to accomplish? What could you do to be more successful?

The essays must incorporate one or a choice of the six pillars of character:

  • Trustworthiness — integrity, honesty, promise-keeping, loyalty
  • Respect — courtesy, dignity, diversity, the Golden Rule
  • Responsibility — duty, accountability, pursuit of excellence
  • Fairness — openness, consistency, impartiality
  • Caring — kindness, compassion, empathy
  • Citizenship — lawfulness, common good

Entries must be 350 words or less, and are due February 17 to Barbara Littlefield at the Glenview Public Library, 1930 Glenview Road. Students are asked to put their names, addresses, phone numbers, grades and schools in the upper right hand corner of each page.

Entries are judged by a panel of professional writers. Winners will be recognized by the Glenview Village Board of Trustees at the April 6 board meeting.

Awards are provided the three top winners at each grade level. Sponsors of the contest are Glenview Bank & Trust, Northview Bank & Trust and Glenview Optimists.

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